To install nginx rtmp server for streaming in fedora or any RPM based systems like CentOS etc.. follow the below steps:

#System dependancies:
$sudo dnf install pcre-devel
$sudo dnf install libz-devel
$sudo dnf install openssl-devel

$tar xvif nginx-1.11.8.tar.gz

$cd nginx-1.11.8
$./configure  --add-module=../nginx-rtmp-module-master
$sudo make install

#edit your nginx.conf file at /usr/local/nginx/conf and add
rtmp {
 server {
  listen 1935;
  chunk_size 4096;

  application live {
    live on;
    record off;
    idle_streams off;
#start your server as 

#kill it as 
$pkill nginx

Now you can start streaming to your live* application that you have configured in nginx conf.